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Viviane Dias

Senior Developer

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Camila Cardoso


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UX/UI Designer

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Screenshot of the homepage from 'Noor' website


Noor is a global feminist and movement-driven think and do tank, devoted to building the power of gender justice and progressive movements to obstruct far right agendas, and advance our transformative visions.

Screenshot of the homepage from 'Panorama da Educação em Direitos Humanos no Brasil - Instituto Aurora' website

Instituto Aurora

The Panorama of Education in Human Rights in Brazil is an interactive infographic that presents the scenario of how the institutionalization of Education in Human Rights (HRE) in Brazil was affected by the decisions taken in the presidential term of Jair Bolsonaro and by the state governments.

Screenshot of the homepage from #MeRepresenta app


This platform operates as a digital space where candidates and voters that have the same priorities can meet.

Screenshot of the homepage from Hacking Vigilance website

Hacking Vigilance

Hacking Vigilance is an informative platform about digital security best practices, where we suggest tools and spread knowldge that could help increase your digital security online.


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